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Hey honey my name is Cocoa. I am the CEO and founder of INDI:Individuality. I am a licensed cosmetologist, model, massage therapist and owner of “Cocoa Suite Spa”. Unapologetic fashion is my entire world. I don’t live by anyone’s standards and that is a part of what I have built this business on. My personal style can be very diverse and I grew tired of having to go to different stores to find each look. I would think to myself “I wish I could go to just one store and find whatever style I am looking for. Just explore in one store.” So I birthed INDI:Individuality to encourage just that -individuality. It’s dear to my heart, I hope you all have as much fun here as I do. Thank you so much for all of your devoted support. Without you all none of  this could be possible.

Don't ever let society's standards of beauty, fashion and self expression define you! You don't need validation. You decide..... OWN IT!" -Cocoa